I have pushed PUSH Library – Insane Notifications



I have not written for sooooo long time but I was really, really busy. However it is in a good manners to come back with some gift…

…and that’s why I am presenting you now my new library – Xamarin PUSH plugin – Insane Notifications, created with passion thanks to cooperation with In`saneLab – a Polish software house which provides Mobile and Web solutions located in Cracow.

Plugin uses concepts I have learnt in MvvmCross – like Remote Notifications presenter (similar to MvxViewPresenter) and enormously reduces code amount you have to write to get PUSH Notifications works in your app.

I have prepared code samples for Android, iOS, UWP + Backend Azure Notification Hub sample + presentation which can be used as documentation.

Check it now on my GitHub and install nuget package (search for InsaneNotifications)!
As a learning documentation I have prepared presentation which has been shown on Warsaw Xamarin DevDays – get it here 🙂

By the way, stay tuned and observe my blog around 22 June 🙂

Another neat library is coming out soon… 😉